Anthemis - Greek Organic Herbs

Anthemis company is a Greek family business that produces organic herbs using all the traditional methods, provided by the community directives. Vasilis Gkekas certified organic farmer, specialized in herbs and Katerina wife founded at their birthplace in the village kato Kleines, the agrobussines of Anthemis. The village is located in north western Greece and specifically in the prefecture of Florina. The area is designated as natural beauty area with mountainous landscapes, lakes and natural reserves. The climate is continental. The summer period is characterized by the sunny days and the cool nights, which give a balanced environment, resulting in the cultivation of herbs under ideal conditions. These soils are distinguished for fertility and the abundant water that is available. The area is also known for its unique elongated red peppers, so-called "Florina's" and also other numerous product variations. The microclimate of the area is also excellent for production of perfect quality of fruit such as apples, pears, strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, etc.



Our concern is the sustainable environmental management with efficient use of resources and open distribution channels by building long-term relationships with our customers.

Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in Greece, many educated people, mostly residents of large cities, made their dream come true by returning to their villages and implement traditional agriculture with new and more developed ideas. This new generation of farmers has a big difference compared to the older generations. This people want to apply the latest methods of organic cultivation of innovative and exportable products having always in mind the optimum quality. In this way, with an open mind, looking to the future, to develop long-term relationships with satisfied customers and without addressing the entire effort as a casual pastime.




That was the ambitious target of Vasilis and Katerina, pioneers of the region began cultivating herbs in their family land since 2013. The company started as a small family business which gets stronger year after year, continuously enriching its herbs and always being in line with the community consistent environmental management guidelines.



Our philosophy on the whole production process is based on the fact of not harming the environment and feel happy that we define the entire production process on a small scale and intensity, leaving a minimal footprint on this small piece of earth.



Anthemis currently has a small but rapidly growing and evolving list of products. Since 2015 and after the successful 3-year cultivation and production, the family moved to the next step, that of its own management of its products. So applying the drying and packaging processes, combined with the creation of the label, it has grown into a full production unit and is now able to distribute its products to health food stores, supermarkets organic products and all the individuals who would like to obtain organic herbs for their own use.




Our company currently has the following packaged dry herbs : mint, lemon balm, spearmint, sage, thyme, oregano. Our range of products will be constantly enriched with other kinds of herbs for which you will be informed immediately.



The plants grow in fields completely clean of any industrial fertilizers and pesticides, and this is confirmed by the organic certification. Harvesting takes place 2-3 times a year, exclusively by hand as tradition states and as the quality cultivation demands. Vasilis and Katerina personally take care of the harvesting. Most of the times, 10 to 15 workers from the local village work for Anthemis.




The drying process is very important for the final quality of the herbs. The basic principle is to have the herbs right after harvesting in a dry and warm, without having direct sunlight, place. Good ventilation and dust free are equally necessary.